Volunteers of the Month – October


Sarah from the U.K

Sarah became a certified Crisis Responder with IMAlive in the Fall of 2017. Since then, her skills and confidence have grown and this reflects on her chats that she has with a person in crisis. Sarah is described amongst her Supervisors as strong, compassionate and considerate – she has such a calm presence about her and she always puts everyone around her at ease. When Sarah speaks with a person in crisis, she takes a thoughtful approach and engages deeply using the skills that she has developed with IMAlive. Something that really stands out about Sarah is that she takes time after a shift to request feedback on ways she can further develop and improve on her skills – her interactions with Supervisors has been outstanding. Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with – she has blossomed into an impressive and wonderful Crisis Responder and for these reasons, is a very worthy recipient of Volunteer of the Month for October.

Elizabeth from Canada 

Through a Random Acts Sponsorship, Elizabeth joined IMAlive also in the Fall of 2017. Empathy and a sense of caring shines through when working with Elizabeth – she has a soothing touch about her when working with a person in crisis. She is known for building a strong trust between herself and a person in crisis and is always receptive to feedback and suggestions on how to improve. Elizabeth illuminates all that is joy and positivity which makes working with her always a pleasure, whether it be on shift or in person. We are very proud to have Elizabeth as part of the IMAlive team. Elizabeth’s passion for crisis intervention clearly shows and that’s what makes her stand out as Volunteer of the Month for October.


One thought on “Volunteers of the Month – October

  1. Lenard Barton says:

    I’m a 59 yo Navy veteran who is on 2 medications for clinical depression, though things have gotten better for me, there are still days a that all I can do is megddle through adl’s, sometimes it starts slowly where other day it happens in a flash, like tonight.


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