IMAlive: National I Love to Write Day

I do love to write. I always have. I think the hardest thing about loving the experience of writing is learning to let go of fear. What if it’s no good? What if everyone hates it? What’s the point if I don’t intend to send it anywhere? The point is writing is art. It’s entirely subjective and, therefore, chances are someone will have searched high and low for the words in the exact order in which you have aligned them and it will speak to them. If not, you still haven’t lost anything, and you’re no worse off than before you wrote the words. What really matters is how it made you feel, how the process of arranging twenty-six magical shapes in various combinations impacted you as the creator. 

We’re taught to do things with purpose, with a plan, but those ideas strip us of something we were all born with, and that’s unbridled creativity. When we were four we didn’t care who might read our tales of mice with rockets and dragons and potions. We didn’t care that the story was only half a page. We didn’t care if we made mistakes and scribbled some words out – we only cared about the doing. 

If you love writing, whether it’s journals or novels, then it’s time to leave fear behind and remember how you used to create. We didn’t fear judgement. We certainly didn’t get hung up on word counts and purpose. We just did it because it felt good and we felt proud to have produced something, anything, by ourselves. Those feelings are all still in there. They’re just buried under social conventions, rules of adulthood, and responsibility. DIG. THEM. OUT.

Write on napkins. Write on your phone. Dictate to Siri. Do what works for you and create your way. Whether or not you decide to share your work is also up to you, but there is a community waiting to embrace you if you do. Everyone starts somewhere. So lose the fear, make the stuff, and write whatever the heck you feel like, because writing is for everyone. 


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