IMAlive: Survivors of Suicide Day

Dear Broken Heart,

There aren’t words to describe what you’ve gone through, what you probably still go through. There isn’t an equation that can give you an answer to the amount of pain you feel. There more than likely isn’t a good enough reason to explain why something so horrid could happen to someone you loved so much, could happen to you. There also isn’t enough history behind you to move on and heal the void in your heart.

Of course, we mourn those who have passed because of suicide. We mourn their smile, the light in the eyes, and the laughter that brought us more joy than we can explain. Unfortunately, we don’t mourn you enough. We don’t acknowledge how much you’ve lost and don’t grieve the piece of you that went with them. We’re sorry for that, because we miss them too. So maybe that’s the part we should nourish to honor in their memory, the part of you to keep most alive.

Today, and every day after, you will be heard and seen. You will be nodded at and smiled at. Your cheek will be cupped, laughs will be made, and your tears will be wiped. For now, we’ll start with a day and sometime soon we’ll move to dedicating weeks and months to making the loss more tangible. Making it something so much more concrete so that you can finally let out the breath you’ve been holding for so long, especially when it feels like you’re the only one holding on.

No, there aren’t enough words strung together to nurse the ache in you but you’re offered these said. So then, even on the darkest nights, you’ll have some words to start a new sunrise with.

Your friend,

Mind in Agony

If you have been affected by the issues raised in this blog post, you can begin an anonymous chat with one of our trained crisis responders here.


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