Our Volunteers Are Thankful: 2018

We asked our marvellous volunteers from all around the world about why they are thankful (if even they not celebrate Thanksgiving).

Here are their responses:

What I am Thankful for?

  • Others patience & compassion.
  • That sometimes I can see light and hope in an often dark and threatening world, whilst I have the love and support of those around me.
  • My friends, family, Christmas lights and smiles.
  • Dogs, people who care.
  • The supportive and loving people in my life.
  • My friends, my family, the little things in everyday life that bring moments of joy.
  • All my family are alive and relatively well, and in a pretty good place right now. We are not without issues but in the scale of the world we’re doing fine. I feel that makes us lucky and for that I am thankful.

What I am Thankful for about IMAlive?

  • Giving me a way to give back.
  • Helping others is a big part of my being, so I am happy that I can give to others in need because mental illnesses are still having a stigma that is just slowly being changed. Thank you IMAlive for giving a safe space.
  • The opportunity to help others and to work with volunteers who truly care about others. They aren’t here for recognition or rewards. They are here to make a real difference in people’s lives.
  • It reminds me there is good in the world because there are so many people willing to give time and energy to supporting others who are not feeling okay.
  • I am thankful that I am being accepted to be part of this beautiful big family of IMAlive in 2018, and now we are all able to lend helping hands to our society and people in crisis.

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