IMAlive: Closing a Chapter on 2018 #EYS2018

As the year 2018 comes to a close and we as an organization are reflecting on this campaign that encouraged everyone to embrace their superpowers it seems only fitting that we end the year with a special superpower that also goes very well with the theme of New Years Eve: glitter.

Let me explain that a little bit because I bet while you are reading this you think: how would anyone’s superpower be glitter? And if we are honest, it isn’t the literal glitter that you are thinking of right now because glitter isn’t an insecurity that I have and can embrace. But it is what glitter stands for in my life.

For me glitter represents a certain type of people in my life and I specifically think of one when I think of glitter. It’s a person that I work very closely with and that has a very similar thinking. We joke about it all the time and we don’t really need to express ourselves anymore because the other person just knows the words that will follow. Because we work together we share a lot of mutual frustration and we got a point where we just didn’t know what to say anymore because there was no expression for what we needed to say. It was about the time that Apple introduced these very funky features on iMessage where you can like throw confetti or start a light show with your message. So my colleague (and I am blessed to call that person a friend as well) just threw glitter via iMessage. We kind of stuck with it and just use glitter whenever we share our frustration with the other person.

Whereas this is a nice little anecdote, the meaning behind it is a deeper than it may appear on the surface, and really aren’t all emotions?

Growing up I never felt like I fit in because people didn’t understand the way that I work, being impulsive and brutally honest, not holding back on my thoughts, giving my opinion even when it isn’t asked of me and not shying away from confrontation. Whereas these can be incredibly helpful in many situations they can also be incredibly isolating when people don’t want to be around you because of it. Over time I learned how to hold back certain things and that some things just aren’t appropriate to be addressed at certain times, I guess you can call it growing up. The people reading this that know me will probably at least smile right now because I am still brutally honest, don’t shy away from confrontation and give my opinion, in sometimes very appropriate moments (it has gotten me into trouble more than once), but I learned that it is okay. It is okay to be all of these things because I am not the only that is wired that way. It makes me who I am and there are people who can actually appreciate the way I am. And funny enough I learned it all because of a person that I would consider glitter in my life by simply throwing virtual glitter.

Glitter is magical because it is the spark in the dark, you can find it in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times, like I did. It is colorful, comes in all shapes and sizes and without it our lives wouldn’t be the same. So I encourage you to find the glitter in your life, whatever it may.

But for now enjoy all of the literal glitter that will surround you during the end of this year and maybe while you see it you will look at it as more than just the colors and sparks you are seeing.

Here is to finding and appreciating out glitter in 2019!


“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”



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