IMAlive: Supervisor of the Year 2018

As 2018 came to a close, we asked our Volunteers to reflect on who they would like to see as their Supervisor of the Year. Many noted that this was a hard choice as so many of our Supervisors have been so encouraging and have guided Volunteers through some of their hardest chats – if this award could go to all Supervisors, it would.

That being said, one Supervisor stood out.

This Supervisor joined IMAlive in the Fall of 2016 with a Random Acts sponsorship and has since then has been described as “helpful” and “supportive”. This Supervisor “goes above and beyond” and “shows a great deal of care” for both the person in crisis and the Volunteer. This Supervisor spreads positivity and is a cheerleader not only on each shift they run, but also in everyday interactions.

Without further delay, our Supervisor of the Year for 2018 (drumroll please) is:

– Jade from Australia –

Here are a few words from our Volunteers:

  • Jade is so supportive during tough chats as well as if you are having a difficult personal reaction to the chat. There have also been times when I came to shift with a pressing emotional issue and she listened and helped me not just get through the shift intact, but helped me be more whole in my everyday life. She is always there and always positive and a great presence when our shifts start.

  • Jade has been cool, honest, and understanding when she interacts with other people. Personally, she has supported me through my struggles with a few chats and relations to my personal life, even when she has never met me before. She shows a lot of integrity and she really knows responsibilities.

  • She is compassionate and caring; friendly and helpful. Jade watches the chats, and at times you can be in the thick of a tough one, and suddenly you’ll get a message from her complimenting your last statement or asking how you are doing. Her thoughtfulness is so greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jade for being amazing!

  • Jade consistently provides the perfect balance of support, encouragement, and positive feedback. It’s reassuring to know she’s waiting there in the wings if ever I need her help.

    Congratulations to Jade, our Supervisor of the Year for 2018!



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