IMAlive: Holiday Card Exchange 2018

Each year over the festive period, IMAlive Volunteers from all over the world take part in our annual Holiday Card Exchange. Many Volunteers who take part create thoughtful and special one of a kind cards based on their chosen Volunteers personality and the holiday that they celebrate. Together, IMAlive Volunteers not only come together as like minded people, all striving for the same cause during this time of year, but they also spread feeling of love and family with one another.

Here are some of the cards received in our 2018 Holiday Card Exchange:

“This adorable handmade card came all the way from Ireland! I’d send a picture of the sweet treat that came with it, but it’s long gone.”

“So grateful to be part of this family of caring and sweet individuals all over the world!”

“Thank you to my Secret Santa who found out how much I love Supernatural and sent me this hand drawn Christmas themed card from New Zealand!”

“Thanks for the great card from sunny Florida. it brought a smile to my face when I needed it!”

“Thank you for the beautiful card and message!”

“Thanks to my international love! The only card from Canada this year!”
“The purrfect holiday blessing from New York was waiting for me in the mailbox. Thank you!”

“Totally in awe of my Secret Santa’s creative talent, thank you so much!”

“Such a thoughtful card and note, really made my Christmas special.”


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