Inside The Life of an IMAlive Volunteer

Sarah from Michigan 

I volunteer with IMAlive because there will always be people who don’t seek help because they don’t think they’re good enough to receive help. People who feel abandoned and worthless, get bogged down in loneliness and pain because they’re going through a crisis with no one they feel they can talk to – no one they feel cares. IMAlive provides a space for such people to go where they don’t have to feel like they’re being judged or feel like they’re being a burden to the volunteers. It’s a place where they can speak up and say, “This hurts immensely and I need some help” – and they can feel heard. I believe it’s one of the most important things you can do for someone. To just listen.

Something many don’t know about me is that I am bad at coming up with interesting things to say about myself, but I’m good at languages and Tetris. Clearly, it all balances out.

It took me a long time to start my training with IMAlive. I had always felt an inclination towards wanting to reach out and help people, but I didn’t think I’d be a good fit. I thought, I’m too sarcastic, too impatient, too anxious. In reality, although I am still somewhat those things, the HEART training seems to have tempered them and smoothed the edges a little. What I’m saying is, I think that anyone who finds themselves drawn to volunteering in this way should do so, because they’ll improve themselves as they help others.


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