Volunteers of the Month – December

_sheila marsh

Sheila from Florida 

Sheila joined IMAlive as a crisis responder through a Random Acts sponsorship in Spring of 2018. When Supervisors reflect on Sheila’s work with IMAlive they mention how much love and compassion radiates from Shelia during their chats with a person in crisis. There has been an impressive display of connection that Shelia has with each person that they talk with – whether it be on shift or off shift. Sheila shows a continued interest in learning more and keeps striving to improve on the skills that have been learned through HEART training. In particular, it has been mentioned that during tough shifts, Sheila stays patient and calm and shows an extreme level of care for a person in crisis. The relentless empathy Shelia shows every day makes them a worthy recipient of Volunteer of the Month for December.

kendra fiorvante

Kendra from New Jersey 

Kendra became a certified crisis responder with IMAlive in early 2018, again through a Random Acts sponsorship. Since then, Kendra has stood out to Supervisors as being thoughtful and dedicated. Kendra’s skills as a crisis responder have been complimented many times – especially in that Kendra’s enthusiasm for helping others is extremely contagious. Kendra shows a sincere and genuine want to help those in crisis and it is very much noticed and appreciated. Kendra always seems to have an intuitive connection with the people in crisis that they talk with and that’s what makes Kendra stand out as Volunteer of the Month for December.

We are very proud to have Shelia and Kendra as our Volunteers of the Month for December.


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