Valentine’s Campaign: There Is Always Me

We at IMAlive want to invite you to be the love we all deserve, and become a part of our #ThereIsAlwaysMe campaign.

Join us, Jennifer Niven, Carrie Genzel, Alana King and Kevin Brooks to encourage others to know they are not alone, to know their worth is not defined by others, to acknowledge that we know they are trying their best.

This Valentines week, we ask you to place a little note or card where it can be found. It is a small gesture that could go a long way.

It could even save a life.

What to do:

  • From February 7th – 14th get creative!
  • Make notes or cards (or use one of our celebrity made ones) to leave for others to find.
  • Add our hashtag #ThereIsAlwaysMe
  • Take pictures and tag us, we will share them!

Join us and spread the word that #ThereIsAlwaysMe

Save and print the cards below or make your own.





Kevin Brooks 1

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