Volunteer Recognition Day: A Message to Volunteers from Your Supervisors

Here at IMAlive we are so fortunate to have a team of phenomenal Volunteers and Supervisors who work together endlessly to help those in crisis and at risk of suicide.

To celebrate this Volunteer Recognition Day, we want to to share our appreciation and to express our gratitude to all those at IMAlive. Our Volunteers and Supervisors don’t just deserve recognition on this day; they deserve it every single day.

Here are some of the messages that our Supervisors want to send to our remarkable bunch of Volunteers:

Thank you for giving your time to help people you don’t know. You make a difference in a world where far too many don’t care.

Our volunteers give more than their time, they give their hearts.

I am honored to have a role in facilitating what these volunteers do on the front lines with our pics, their empathetic and supportive words are literally lifelines.

IMAlive volunteers are the most amazing and compassionate people you will ever meet. Not only do they donate their time to help those in crisis, but they do it in such a heartwarming way. 

I’m blessed to have gotten to know so many amazing and wonderful volunteers. In a world full of cruelty and hatred, they make the world a better place.

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