Volunteers of the Month – March

Wilson Lee

Wilson from Malaysia 

Wilson joined IMAlive in the Fall of 2017 through a generous donation given towards the process in becoming a certified Crisis Responder. Wilson exhibits a warm wealth of sensitivity and empathy towards all interactions with a person in crisis. Supervisors have mentioned that Wilson brings an endless sense of optimism, dedication and positivity to IMAlive – Wilson’s enthusiasm is infectious and will always put a smile on your face. Since day one, Wilson has actively been seeking feedback and always looks for ways on how to continue to learn and grow as a Crisis Responder. Wilson is a ray of sunshine on a dark day and with thorough intuition and relentless empathy, makes Wilson is a worthy recipient of Volunteer of the Month for March. 

If you would like to know more information on how you can contribute and support those who are in the process of becoming IMAlive Volunteers, you can find it here.

Kim Blundred

Kim from the U.K

Kim joined IMAlive as a Crisis Responder in the Summer of 2018 through a Random Acts sponsorship. Kim has been noted as one of those Volunteers who volunteers for all the right reasons – there is always a sense of kindness, generosity and empathy. Kim provides a warm, yet professional environment when talking with a person in crisis and can draw on even the subtlest shared details and emotions like pieces of a puzzle to help a person in crisis and effectively understand their situation. Kim shows particular care and skill in planning and working patiently and diligently with a person in crisis and always seeks suggestions, feedback and advice from Supervisors. Kim is joy and pleasure to work with and an overall dedicated Volunteer and this is why Kim is a deserving recipient of Volunteer of the Month for March.

If you would like to learn more about our partnership with Random Acts, click here.

We are very proud to have Wilson and Kim as our Volunteers of the Month for March. 

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