Introducing…Embrace Your Sidekick!

It’s May, which means it is the start of Mental Health Month. To help kick off Mental Health Month, we would like you to join us in our Embrace Your Sidekick campaign which will be running over the next few months.

In 2018, we asked the world to embrace their superpowers (Embrace Your Superpower #EYS2018) and it was a huge success. We saw people turn their self perceived flaws and insecurities into their superpower. Our aim was to challenge societies message of standards of beauty and ‘normality’ and express that it is okay to struggle with insecurities, mental health and suicidal ideation, because underneath, we are all human, we are all superheroes.

Our voices were heard, we embraced our superpowers! 

What is Embrace Your Sidekick?

We have embraced our superpowers, now it’s time we embrace our sidekicks. The aim of this new campaign is that we acknowledge the supports that we have around us that encourage and help us to embrace our superpowers (a friend, an animal, medication, etc.)

How can I get involved? 

There are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Share and spread the word about this campaign on Social Media and why you are getting involved.
  • Keep your eye out on other exciting ways you can get involved (Flyers, IMAlive Conventions and more!) on our Social Media Sites over the next few months.



Print. Snap a Seflie. Upload to social media and tag us and use #EYS


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8 thoughts on “Introducing…Embrace Your Sidekick!

  1. Lei Lani says:

    I like this new campaign! There are so many people who have been my sidekick over the decades, and I hope I have been a supporter for many, as well.


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