National Best Friend Day: The Sister I Never Knew I Needed

Dear Best Friend,

Today marks “National Best Friend Day”, and today I have a chance to celebrate you and our Larger-than-Life friendship.

Over the years, you have been my rock. You’ve held my hand during difficult times, given me space when I’ve needed it, and been my number one cheerleader throughout. And there is nothing quite like our shared, and warped, sense of humour. I don’t get a chance to say this often enough, but thank you.

There is hardly a day that goes by where I am not in complete awe of you. As a friend, as a mother, as a wife, and simply who you are. Everything you do you have done with your heart on your sleeve, being brave in the scariest of moments, and being true to everything good in the world. There are also times when you don’t see the good in yourself, and I wish at those moments that you could see yourself through my eyes. Strong. Funny. Kind. Generous. Beautiful.

As someone who struggles at times managing their depression, it has been difficult over the years to rely on people around me. Fearing abandonment yet feeling isolated at the same time. Conflicting emotions spilling over into random situations. Days of not wanting to even get out of bed, let alone hold a conversation. But despite my fears and insecurities, you’ve been there, gently checking on me, offering support, and just being amazingly kind when I hated myself.

It scares me sometimes how much I truly care about our friendship, as I’ve been let down in the past. And I used to pull away from you because I was scared of relying on someone. But you’ve shown me that you’re always there, and there is no one I value more.

You are the sister I never knew I needed. The octopus stuck to my leg. The other Winchester. The Ginger Spice to my Baby Spice. The voice note to my GIF. The Pennywise to my Georgie. Not to mention, as the Backstreet Boys say “Every time we’re down, you can make it right. And that makes you larger than life”.

Because of you, I know what true friendship is.

Thank you for being you. I love you.

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