Embrace Your Sidekick: Allowing Support

Within IMAlive, I’ve found that one of the most talked about concepts outside of the obvious is the idea of superheroes. We look for them everywhere in our lives; our families, friends, pets, coworkers. Then as a society, we look outward for everyday ones; teachers, firefighters, police officers, counselors, pastors. We look for a strong figure to save us, to show us our strengths and point the flashlight in the right direction in dark tunnels. They reach out their hands and grab a hold of ours, they encourage us to listen to our hearts when we wonder which way to go. Always and forever, they remind us that the true strength lies within us.

So with Embrace Your Sidekick, we are given a chance to share or shift the spotlight to them. We want to thank our fathers, brothers, cousins, and best friends from high schools. We want to let the world know we made it one more day because that firefighter saved our lives and we owe to it them to carry on. We will obnoxiously and lovingly hold our cats up in the air like they are Simba roaring on top of Pride Rock. Sometime we can make it alone, we just don’t always choose to because we’re loved so much.

I thought it through long and hard on who my sidekick is and immediately, my thought was my dog. The thought then trickled down to my two best friends from college, down my sister and my mom and my best friend from high school. And when I think of sidekick, I think of someone who’s never left my side and ultimately,  just not given enough credit. They would put the 100% same amount of effort into my well-being and my life as I do. They would not only care for my body, but my mind and spirit. They wouldn‘t just hand me the flashlight but show me how to use it, how to many settings it has, and teach me how to use the light in order to smother out the dark. For ten long years as of May 14, my underrated sidekick is my therapist, who I lovingly refer to as Dr. G.

She’s an extraordinary human being. Whether she is mentally-heaIthy herself or sees her own therapist every week, I feel her presence. It’s not prominent but it’s safe, like angel wings wrapped permanently around me. I wish there were enough words to thank her for what she’s done but there isn’t and I wouldn’t dare limit her to an amount. Also, I wish I am able to go back and calculate how many sessions and minutes and hours she’s dedicated to me and how at the end of each one she says, “I wish we had more time”. Not only does that translate to me that she wants to keep helping me but that she is invested in me and makes me want to be just as invested in myself.

She reminds me every week that I’ve shown tremendous growth and I’m able to acknowledge and voice to her that I have. The fact that I even own it, that I can shout to the world I am my own superhero comes down to her because the days where I doubt it, in the split second I turn around and my cape isn’t blocking my eye-line, I can see her figure not too far behind me. She’s not cheering me on, she’s following me. She has my back. She conveys that I am, without a doubt, capable of saving my own life and there’s no shame in not wanting to do it alone.

To learn more about the Embrace Your Sidekick campaign and how you can get involved, click here.

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