Pride Month: Sexuality and Gender Identity

I am a massive supporter of human beings.
All of them.
We deserve to live in a world full of love and acceptance.
It’s time we talk about our experiences open and honestly, and as parents, teachers, members of a community and let our children, our future generation know, it’s okay to be whomever they want to be.
There was a time where my daughter wanted nothing more than to be male. She wanted to cut all of her hair off, changed her name and wanted everyone at her all girls’ school to refer to her with gender neutral pronouns. This was clearly a very challenging time for my daughter and as her parent, I have always taught my children that love is love and it is who you are inside that counts. It was accepted and embraced in our home and in our family, but as her mother, there was yet a deep sense of fear that the school would not respect my daughters wishes.
As we were so open and honest with each other and the school, my daughter felt comfortable in her new identity. Then, nearly a year ago something changed and she asked, very abruptly to go back to her given name and female pronouns. So, of course, again, we stated that we love what’s inside, and that is all that matters, so we call her what she wants to be called. She went on quite a journey of discovery during those two years and I say with pride that I have a gay daughter.
Sexuality and gender identity again came up as a topic of importance when my nephew came out as transgender. He was clearly in a very vulnerable situation, scared at how the world would view him. When he asked to be called a different name, none of us batted an eyelid. I’ve known my nephew since he was a toddler and love every part of who he is. We’re all the same inside. When you love someone, you love every part of them. When you accept someone, you accept every part of them. Again, I say with pride that I have a transgender nephew. 
I love and accept the human race.
The good, the bad and fab.
Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 20.18.11

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