Volunteers of the Month

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Kirsten from California

Kirsten joined IMAlive as a trained Crisis Responder in the Winter of 2018 through a Random Acts sponsorship. Kirsten shows great patience, empathy and care towards all interactions with people in crisis – there is an overwhelming vibe that Kirsten creates in that every single person matters. Kirsten is particularly skilled in encouraging a person in crisis to come up with a detailed plan of action to help them through their crisis. Kirsten puts 110% effort on shift and is always willing to stay on overtime if needed. Kirsten is a delight and an engaging volunteer and this is why Kirsten is a deserving recipient of Volunteer of the Month.



Rebecca from the U.K

Rebecca became a trained Crisis Responder with IMAlive in the Fall of 2018 through a Random Acts sponsorships. Since then, Rebecca has shown a real sense of dedication in talking to a person in crisis – making sure that they feel accepted and valued and takes time to explore what may help a person in crisis through their struggle in that moment. Rebecca’s supervisors note that optimism  and dedication is brought to every shift and the positive energy that Rebecca brings to shifts radiates not only to the person in crisis, but also to fellow supervisors and volunteers. Overall, Rebecca’s relentless empathy and delightful charm make Rebecca a deserving recipient of Volunteer of the Month.

If you would like to learn more about our partnership with Random Acts, click here.

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