Embrace Your Sidekick: My Dog Is My Mirror



Last year I was scavenging through the internet looking for dogs, our old doggie was definitely going through her last months (as we thought then anyway…). To be without a dog in the near future didn’t feel right. Somehow, I stumbled twice upon Cara, a rescue English setter from Italy. First time I clicked her away, it felt too soon. The second time, I read that she had been booked and denied a home three times. This was fate. Quickly, I motivated the men at my house and wrote an email to the company which helped the dogs find their forever home.

An hour later there was email and text contact about Cara and the next evening she came visiting: a big brown spot around one eye, way too skinny, packed with energy, and the need for tons of cuddles. She picked her place to sit right on my foot. I never had a chance to say no to her.

The next day we could call her ours, she had found her home with us.

She is a sweet dog, stubborn, anxious, incredibly curious, and “manically positive”. She brings us so much joy and she lifts my spirits every day. She remembers me to just be there and appreciate the small things in life.

Her energy and hunter instinct outside drove me wild. She had little focus on me. She would go running on her own for long times and I was worried sick. I sought advice with so many people until somebody said: “If it all doesn’t work you always have love.”

I decided to embrace her for who she was, and took the wild runs as something she needed. Maybe it was her kind of me-time. I just watched her run and be happy, waited for her to come back to me, giving her lots of cuddles and treats. I slowly learned to let it go and felt more relaxed.

Lately (fingers crossed) she stays closer to me, very far away still, but not completely out of sight.

She taught me how letting go can be a release of stress and anxiety. That trust works both ways and it brings us closer together. Being apprehensive and afraid can also cause hilariously funny moments and it doesn’t have to stop your curiosity to explore the world.

I think she showed me a mirror.

To learn more about the Embrace Your Sidekick campaign and how you can get involved, click here.

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