Volunteers of the Month

Rhona jpeg

Rhona from California

Rhona became a trained Crisis Responder during the Fall of 2017 through a Random Acts Sponsorship and through growth and dedication, Rhona has become such a strong Volunteer. Rhona has good instincts – has skill in keeping people in crisis focused and grounded while keeping calm, even on delicate and difficult chats. Rhona never backs down from a tough chat, and constantly strives to be the best Crisis Responder possible. Rhona has an enormous amount of empathy and is a delight to work with, which makes Rhona a worthy recipient of Volunteer of the Month.


Gabrielle from Quebec, Canada 

Through a Random Acts Sponsorship, Gabrielle joined IMAlive as a Crisis Responder in the Winter of 2018. Since then, Gabrielle has shown a great sense of warmth and patience – while also being able to quickly establish rapport within the chats had with the person in crisis. Gabrielle always seeks feedback and advice from Supervisors and is joy and pleasure to work with and an overall dedicated Volunteer and this is why Gabrielle is a deserving recipient of Volunteer of the Month.

If you would like to learn more about our partnership with Random Acts, click here.

We are very proud to have Rhona and Gabrielle as our Volunteers of the Month this month.


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