Embrace Your Sidekick: Family

When I was in high school, I lost hope and purpose in life. I was in a dark place even though I was loved by my parents and family but I had no self love so I thought I didn’t even deserve the love they gave me.
I thought I was worthless.
Until one day, I was on the internet trying to figure out why am I not like everyone else and what is wrong with me. I stumbled upon a show called Supernatural and that is when I found my purpose in life again.
I started to understand my anxiety and how I am not alone in life. It gave me inspiration from the characters themselves and the actors and actresses too.
It was through conversations with my family about the show that I realized how much they love and support me in life. Supernatural allowed me to embrace the sidekick I had, which is my loving family.
I’m a changed person with a different perspective on life now; I learned that life itself was worth fighting for and that I am worthy of love and of being alive.
To learn more about the Embrace Your Sidekick campaign and how you can get involved, click here.

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