Volunteers of the Month

Dawn from Ohio, US

Ever since Dawn joined IMAlive through a Random Acts sponsorship at the end of 2019 she has dedicated an incredible amount of hours to helping those in crisis. She is always a pleasure to work with on shift as she continuously seeks out feedback to improve her skills. She doesn’t shy away from a chat no matter how hard the situation gets and how hopeless the pic may seem while she always puts the pics needs first. We couldn’t be prouder for Dawn to be one of the volunteers of the month of July.


Sandy from Germany

Sandy started helping people in crisis in the beginning of 2019 and a sponsorship through Random Acts helped her become an invaluable part of IMAlive. The compassion and empathy she shows every person she talks to helps them feel understood and less alone while trying to work through their crisis. She is constantly trying to improve on her skills and learn from every chat she responds to. Supervisors appreciate having her on shift where she never loses her sense of humor and makes tough situations easier to work through. We are so happy that Sandy is one of our volunteers of the month of July.

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