I love you.

I love you is often being thrown around like it doesn’t mean anything. The dictionary defines loving as feeling a deep affection to something or someone. But do we really love everything we say that we love? I can’t imagine that we have a very deep affection with everything that we say we love. But maybe it is easier to express our feelings to something that doesn’t matter to us as much.

I have never been a person of many words. Oh who am kidding? I love to talk but not about emotions. I grew up in a family where we didn’t say I love you to each other. Maybe it’s the culture maybe it’s the way my parents grew up and don’t know how to say it either.

It took me about 20 years to say it to someone. My very first roommate. We started saying I love you to each other every time we wanted to kill each other. To remember that we were still the best of friends even though we were fighting over why one of us didn’t do the dishes, again. Until this day we still end every conversation with an I love you.

However, there are many people that don’t realize how hard it can be to say I love you even though it doesn’t mean that there isn’t love in their lives. “I love you” is so much more than just three short words being said. It’s opening your heart, letting someone in and making yourself vulnerable. It’s giving someone else the power to take your heart and break it into multiple pieces. You will never be able to put all those pieces back together and every time your heart breaks you will lose a piece that you will never get back. So maybe not saying I love you is the smarter choice, the choice that keeps your heart safe.  But it also keeps us from telling the people that matters the most to us how we really feel.

So here it is:

I love you for giving me advice and not being mad if I don’t follow it.

I love you trying to protect my heart and then helping me put the pieces back together when it breaks anyway.

I love you for seeing the good in me when I can only see the bad.

I love you for encouraging my crazy ideas and helping me flourish with something I am passionate about.

I love you for holding my hand when I get scared on kids rides at the carnival.

I love you for lying on the pavement with me at 3am and trying to find the stars while being surrounded by lights.

I love you for doing my makeup on the day that I want don’t want to crawl out of my cave and making me feel beautiful.

But most of all, I love you for accepting my quirks and weirdness and craziness.

What do you love the people in your life for?

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