What Are You Grateful For?

When I think about gratitude, it’s the big things that jump immediately to mind. I’m grateful for my family, as loopy as they make me some days. For my job, which provides both time and funds for me to pursue my passions. For my pets who bring so much joy to my life, even when there’s a cold wet nose in my ear at 6am. For the people I’ve met through IMAlive, who inspire me and make me strive to be a person they can be as proud to know, as I am to know them. 

Sitting outside my favourite cafe in the sun today though, it’s hard not to be grateful for the little things. The gentle breeze that barely flickers the pages of my notebook as I take the time to hand write something for a change. The morning reminiscent of those happy childhood holidays where, looking back now, you swear it was sunny the whole time. In front of me, an exhausted looking dad bickers fondly with his little boy, over who gets the last of the jam for their toast. There is gratitude there when the waitress sneaks an extra little dish onto their table, grins identical other than in size, shining as brightly as the Saturday sun as large hands help small spread their prize. 

It feels like a good day, this World Gratitude Day, so I’d like to challenge you all to dig deep and acknowledge all of those things that you’re truly grateful for. Write a list, make a photo collage, sing or shout your gratitude for the world to hear, flood social media with your gratitude for life. Today let’s remind ourselves of all the things, both big and small, that make us grateful to be here.

So tell me, what are you grateful for?

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