Words Can Give You Hope

As I have been confronted with many deaths, I always saw death as a part of life, nothing more nothing less.

The story of my friend is a little different. She had been suffering from mental illness all her life and she came to the point where she felt worn out and tired of life. We had talked about it excessively over time and were always able to find things to fight for. Now she had fallen physically ill and was taken to the hospital. She was in a dark place and she couldn’t remember what she was fighting for. She had a do not resuscitate declaration and refused any treatment. Friends, family and doctors tried to change her mind, unsuccessfully. Eventually, they called every loved one.

I went there to say goodbye and thank her for her trust and her friendship. She was sweet but I could see how ill she was, falling in and out of consciousness. I cried, hugged her sons and went home. I waited for the call that I knew was inevitable but that I dreaded.

The next morning I got the call. But it was not the call I expected. One of her family members had told her the night before that she felt so sad for having to say goodbye. For some reason, her words got to her and sparked her will to fight again. She immediately asked for medication, food and water. She fought through the illness that landed her in the hospital.

I was so relieved and happy hearing what had happened. It took me some time to wrap my head around what had happened and insanely enough I needed to grief although she is still around.

I know now, no matter how dark your future may seem and how much you are suffering, words can give you hope to hold on to and work through the pain, they can change a life.

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