We See You

Today I had a day off and because fall started and it was raining I decided it was the perfect day to catch up on a few tv shows… little did I know that I was not prepared.

While watching this murder mystery serious that many find over the top but I absolutely love there was storyline about a character in rehab for alcohol and drug abuse. While this character was there voluntarily, she wasn’t ready to participate in the actual healing process… at least towards the beginning. One thing that stuck out to me was a line everyone kept repeating throughout this characters stay at the rehabilitation facility.

I see you and I love you.

While in the beginning I thought this was a very weird sentence to keep repeating, considering the people were saying it to strangers it build the foundation for this characters recovery process. It helped her see that with all her flaws and all the negativity and judgement she feels towards herself someone else sees her pain and loves her not just despite of it but because of it.

It got me thinking about the last time I felt truly seen for who I am and still loved for it. It got me thinking about all the mistakes that I made in my life that I judge myself for. Let’s face it, if we are really honest with each other we all judge ourselves for things we have done or said, for things that feel like mistakes or maybe even for parts of ourselves. Maybe we even judge ourselves for our mental illnesses, for not always feeling in control of our thoughts or moods.

I know that I am one of the lucky ones because I truly have amazing friends and family. While they not say “I see you and I love you” in those words, they say it in their own ways by how they react so what I share with them and how they react when they can tell that I am ashamed for what I feel or think. I know they see my pain and I know that they love me either way.

But I also know that it can feel so very lonely not having people like that in your life. By feeling like someone judges you even harsher for things that you might judge yourself for. It can be alienating when no one really understands your pain. Finding people that see you and love you for who you are can be a long, winding road but if you find them you better hold on tight.

While you are on this road to finding your tribe I want you to know: We, at IMAlive, see you and we love you. We will not judge you for your shortcomings or the pain that you feel. We will not judge for thoughts that you might experience. You are human and you are not alone.

We see you and we love you.

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