I don’t know you, but I love you – PostSecret & IMAlive

I lost one of my best friends to suicide 14yrs ago, the pain still hurts like it happened yesterday. The world is not better off without him. If you’re reading this and need a sign: stay and fight. I don’t know you, but I love you.

As those around the world purchase a shirt to show that they care for anyone and everyone, we see the amazing support that we thought we would share with you.

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Some told us why they support PostSecret and IMAlive?

  • This lady shares such love with others, she feels all of their pain as well as her own. I have to find some way to say thank you and…I love you.
  • As huge supporters of both IMAlive and PSC, I’m here to show my love and thank them for theirs.
  • Because everyone needs help sometimes and having someone there you can reach out to saves lives.
  • I work in emergency medicine and we are losing too many of our co-workers to suicide, I want them to know there is always help it there!
  • I was a depressed, self-harming, ready to end it all teen! I know the pain and how it feels! I made it through and you can too! Keep fighting the fight! You are important and loved!!!
  • I’ve called hotlines twice. I need to pay it forward.
  • Because I believe in your mission.
  • Because I want everyone, and especially my students, to have people to support them.
  • We all need each other.
  • I’ve been reading PostSecret for over 10 years now and different secrets have hit me very hard multiple times. I’m SO glad that people are able to volunteer for these hotlines.
  • A suicide hotline saved my life–I owe so much to that call.
  • Everyone needs to hear this message. I’ll happily wear it around to be a helper to those in need.
  • I’m supporting this campaign in remembrance of my friend Darik Martin 1994-2017. “You’re always amazing, Denel.” <3<3<3 I bet all the jeeps in Heaven are a manual transmission.
  • Lost too many people to suicide, and want to help any way I can.
  • Having someone available to talk/text is extremely important.
  • I LOVE IMAlive and PostSecret’s mission and goal with this campaign.
  • Sharing a secret lets us realize we’re not alone. Someone out there is going through something similar. Let’s talk about it.


Sale ends Wednesday, December 4, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET – Click here to purchase

Some shared how PostSecret helped them?


  • Postsecret has been my Sunday ritual for over ten years, no matter if life is good or bad at the time. I always feel closer to humanity when I reach the bottom. Thanks, Frank, and everyone that helps enlighten and save us.
  • After learning that I was raped by another student, my sociology professor told me to check out PostSecret. This was in 2012 and he died in 2015. I have read the secrets every Sunday since and it is how I keep his memory alive.
  • I got to know PS after a bad break up. My new BF showed me his book, telling me I would be OK. I am now, but life can be hard!
  • Postsecret saved my life, others need to know how valued they are. How their existence matters.
  • Post Secret is the best part of my Sunday. It’s the first thing I read on Sunday mornings. I’ve attempted suicide more times than I can count and I share my story when I can.
  • I’ve been reading Post Secret for more than a decade. It helps.
  • I adore and thank Frank for what he has created with post secret. How many lives he has touched is amazing. Without even know he’s helped me weekly for over 10 years.
  • I’ve followed post secret since I was 15, and I just turned 29. That’s a lot of Sunday’s reading a little blog. I’ve seen frank live and I am still as in love with this project today as I was when I was 15.
  • I’ve been following post secret for over a decade, I’m happy to support this important work!
  • I have been looking at Postsecret since it began
  • I love PostSecret and it’s for a great cause.


Sale ends Wednesday, December 4, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET – Click here to purchase.

…And others shared their hearts and stories with us.

  • Proud to be a supporter of this amazing community. I have followed for years and years after I randomly looked at a book in a store. I usually relate to at least 1 secret a week, which makes me feel connected with the world. Thank you for everything you have done Frank. I was able to meet you back in 2012 in Calgary, Canada, I came alone and had the courage to stand up, share my secret and get you to sign a copy of one of my books. I display them proudly as coffee table books in my home and they are definitely are 5 of my prized possessions.
  • I love PostSecret and it’s for a great cause.
  • connecting with the secret lives of others dealing with toxic generational disconnection you matter most when it seems no one is around to care blessed be what never was or ever could be
  • PostSecret has been apart of my Sunday ritual for over 10 years now. I smile to know I’m not alone and love to read the vast differences among us.
  • My brother-in-law took his life 2 years ago. The devastation is still felt today. My sister is raising their daughter, 4 years old now, without her husband. I wish he knew how much he was loved. It breaks my heart he felt no other choice
  • I am so grateful to be alive.
  • We all know someone.
  • I help people who are struggling with suicide- I am an LMFT.
  • For all the times I just really wanted the pain to stop but I didn’t end my life. Future/Present Me is so grateful for Past Me’s strength.
  • I was there once, too.
  • I have lost a number of friends to suicide. I now go out of my way to help people who are struggling with mental health issues in any way I can.
  • I believe people need help sometimes and who better than to provide it than another caring person.
  • I have been in a situation where I wanted everything to end. I’m thankful to be alive today and hope I can be a shoulder for others to lean on in dark times.
  • Everyone needs a little help sometimes.
  • When I was suicidal, I did not know things like Suicide Hotlines existed, so I suffered silently instead and almost died. Since then, my heart breaks for anyone going through something similar.


Frank from PostSecret is using all proceeds to sponsor the IMAlive volunteer training and support of those in crisis. Join Frank and IMAlive in helping those in crisis, anywhere in the world.

Your purchase will help fund newly trained volunteers in crisis intervention and possibly save a life.

Sale ends Wednesday, December 4, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET – Click here to purchase


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