Volunteer Of The Year 2019

All of our volunteers are amazing. Period. All of our volunteers are patient, kind and always there for someone in need. However, even amongst a crowd of amazing human being there are certain people that stand out. And every year we have supervisors vote for the volunteer that stood out to them the most during the year.

Our volunteer of the year 2019 is Angela from the Netherlands. Angela joined IMAlive in the late spring of 2018 and has dedicated more than 300 hours to IMAlive and people in crisis. Here is are some of the reasons why supervisors have voted for her:

  • She is far and away the most consistent, and competent volounteer I have ever worked with. She is hugely independent and capable, and also a very empathetic responder. She is beyond a pleasure to work with! She invests so much of herself into IMAlive and her PICs. It’s amazing to know that our PICs are in the capable hands of people like her.
  • Angela not only is one of the most skilled and independent volunteers I had the pleasure to work with, but she’s also really consistent in keeping that high level of skill. She’s a complete joy to work with and she’s always looking for ways to improve or do things differently. Just a really really kind human. I think that we must be doing something exactly right at IMAlive if she’s the quality of person we get to work alongside and I think people like her it’s exactly what makes IMAlive so great.
  • Angela has demonstrated excellent skills when working with callers. She is very capable of working independently, but will ask for a bit of direction if she needs it. She consistently uses excellent reflections that flow well and are clearly written by a human. Additionally, Angela is always pleasant to have on shift.

We want to congratulate Angela and thank her for her continuous support to people in crisis and IMAlive. And while we couldn’t be prouder for Angela to be our volunteer of the year 2019, we also want to thank all other volunteers for their continuous hard work and dedication. We could not be happier to have such an amazing group of people here at IMAlive.



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