Supervisor Of The Year 2019

Just as we have supervisors vote for the volunteer that stood out to them, volunteers vote for the supervisor that stood out to them during the year. 
In 2019 supervisor Moon stood out the most to our volunteers. Moon joined IMAlive in the fall of 2016 as a volunteer and has been a supervisor since the summer of 2017 and has dedicated more than 1000 hours of crisis intervention. 
But why not let the volunteers speak for why Moon stood out the most to them: 
  • She’s very helpful and engages in idle chat about random subjects while we’re waiting. 
  • It’s always nice chatting with Moon and she helps with rough chats but also personal stuff that may come up. 
  • Moon is such a wonderful person, her demeanour and attitude just makes one happy. She makes working with her such a nice pleasure.
  • Moon Kleine is always an absolute pleasure to work with and I’ve often found myself disappointed when her shift is full…I guess I’m not the only one who finds her easy to work with. While every supervisor I work with is always so nice and helpful, I’ve almost always worked with Moon because of my schedule and I’ve gotten used to working with her.
  • Moon is simply the best. I actually “sacrifice” my weekend nights just to be able to work with her. She is so easy to connect to, radiates calm and confidence and always keeps up with my chats to let me know how I’m doing or sharing her view on the PICs situation. Whenever I need words of encouragement or advice, she delivers words of wisdom and empathy. I couldn’t imagine IMAlive without Moon and hope to share many more shifts with her. 
  • I have voted for Moon, as she is always so friendly, positive, nurturing and knowledgeable. She is always quick to respond if I have a query or need support around a certain issue within a chat. 
  • Moon is always so friendly and helpful!
  • So helpful during hard chats and at the ready with some good advice.
  • I voted for Moon , she is such a wonderful soul and always willing to lend a helping hand, simply said, she is an absolute joy to work with.
  • Moon is a fabulous supervisor always there with a kind word our helpful idea. She gives great feedback and brings out the best in me as a volunteer.
  • Moon is always there for responders as well as the chatters. always has a kind word and something to assist.

We would like to thank Moon for her continuous dedication to people in crisis, volunteers and IMAlive and couldn’t be happier that our volunteers share our appreciation for Moon. At the same time we want to thank all other supervisors as well. Your hard work and support does not go unnoticed and we appreciate every single one of you. 



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