Volunteers of the Month – December

Susan Humphrey

Susan from Ohio

Susan joined IMAlive in the summer of 2018. Susan is very empathetic and patient. She really thinks about the situation of the person in crisis and how best to work with that person based on the information they’ve provided. She empowers the people she speaks with to find their own path and to leave with a sense of hope that things do can get better.


Angela from Colorado

IMAlive gained Angela as a volunteer in the fall of 2017. It’s a great experience working with Angela on shift as it is always a pleasure watching her chats, there’s a lot to appreciate and learn from. It stands out that she maintains empathy across the entire interaction. She’s also put a lot of work into guiding the chats gently, without forcing solutions or taking control away from the PIC.

Congratulations to Susan and Angela. We couldn’t be happier to have these two as our volunteers of the month of December.

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