Inside the Life of an IMAlive Volunteer

Melissa from Kentucky
I chose to volunteer for IMAlive after a childhood best friend took her own life in 2015. Her suicide taught me that you never know what someone is going through as she presented herself to be a well-rounded individual with a positive and humorous personality. Regardless of a person’s positive characteristics, suicide does not discriminate as it can affect anyone. Volunteering for IMAlive has taught me the value of a listening ear and the validation of feelings in the darkest of times someone is experiencing. IMAlive provides an atmosphere of someone utilizing their time to do just this, along with not giving advice as the person is crisis already knows what is best for themselves, and I love that. I can only hope that the chats feel just as empowering for the person in crisis as it does for me as the volunteer.
Something many don’t know about me: along with vowing to myself to always contribute my time to some type of volunteering position, I make it mandatory to spend 10 minutes each day to count my blessings and to appreciate the little things. Little things that make me the happiest and give me something to look forward to include: iced coffee, flowers, baking, reading books and spending time in nature, and if my day has consisted of all these things, it’s been the perfect day.

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