March Mindfulness Challenge

We are already one week down in our challenge. Do you feel any different yet?

Let’s look at what challenges are coming next week:

Sunday, March 8:
Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most mindful of them all? Take some time to smile in the mirror and be aware of how it makes you feel.

Monday, March 9:
Drink a cup of tea or coffee free from distractions.

Tuesday, March 10:
De-clutter part of your house or office today helping your mind to feel calmer and clearer.

Wednesday, March 11:
Learn one simple stretch.

Thursday, March 12:
Do a random act of kindness.

Friday, March 13:
Pause for 60 seconds to follow your breath every time you have an overwhelming thought.

Saturday, March 14:
Sit down and listen to your favourite song or piece of music free from distraction.


If you want to share your progress with us, connect with us on social media or send an email to

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