More Power to Women

I’m writing this while I’m cursing the fact that I’m a woman. The fact that I have to go through things like my period every four weeks and doctors telling me that I can’t make decisions for my own body and that I just need to power through it.

So instead I’m trying to think about all the reasons I love being a woman and the more I think about it the more I am thinking: wouldn’t it be so much better if it didn’t matter if I was a woman or man and we could celebrate the same things? If everyone could wear as much make up as they wanted or dress however they wanted rather than society telling us only women should wear dresses and make up?

Now all of this is turning into anger. Anger that men and women are not equal. No matter how much anyone wants to tell me otherwise. Women and men have to live by different rules within the societies on our beautiful Earth. Some may be considered more traditional than others but it all comes down to a patriarchy that is in charge. I wonder who and how it was decided that men are to be considered the superior gender. And even using gender in this context feels wrong since we are only talking about the cisgender, heterosexual men.

Men feel like their power is threatened. But don’t they understand that all we want is to be equal? We don’t want to be superior, we don’t want more power than men. But we do want equal power, equal rights, equal freedom, equal rights to make decision about our lives. Equality. Period.

I hope that in my lifetime I will experience a day where it stops being news that a women was made CEO of a huge company or made it into an important board. I wish to see a society where the gender of a political candidate doesn’t matter but all we focus on is their qualifications and whether they stand for what we stand in. It shouldn’t be this hard. And I am grateful that today so many women are making their voices heard to make sure that we will get there soon. 

Here is to you, all of you beautiful, inspiring, kind-hearted souls! Happy International Women’s Day! 




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