March Mindfulness Challenge

You already halfway through this challenge. Look at you go! We are so happy that you continuing this challenge with us. We know it isn’t always easy.

So let’s prepare for what the third week of the challenge has in store for us:

Sunday, March 15:
Be present. Take 5 x 2 minute breaks today and focus on your breathing.

Monday, March 16:
Here is a challenge! Turn off all notifications on your phone today.

Tuesday, Mach 17:
Write a heartfelt note of thanks to someone who has helped you recently.

Wednesday, March 18:
Stretch it out. Take time to readjust your posture each time you notice yourself slouching.

Thursday, March 19:
Commute without music, podcasts or audiobooks today. Just for one day to see how much more you notice.

Friday, March 20:
Take some time to watch and appreciate the sunset or the sunrise.

Saturday, March 21:
Do something playful today.

If you want to share your progress with us, contact us on social media (tag or dm us) or send an email to


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