Volunteers Of The Month

Elisabeth Neugebauer

Elisabeth from Germany

Elisabeth became an IMAlive volunteer at the end of summer in 2018 through a Random Acts sponsorship. Even when faced with challenges in her personal life, she is always leaving everything at the virtual door and diving into shifts with a clear mind and hawk-eyed focus. Never wavering from the IMAlive structure, while consistently being capable of connecting with her people in crisis on a unique and functional level. Elizabeth exudes empathy in such high quantities that the people she speaks with always seem to feel really understood and cared for.



Anna from Germany

Anna became a certified IMAlive volunteer around Christmas of 2017 and her training was sponsored by Random Acts. Anna consistently shows up with a great attitude to her shifts, happy to be helping people in crisis. She handles the communication with the people she interacts professionally while always having the person in crisis be in the center of the interaction, giving them an ear to listen and not someone viewing them as broken and in need of fixing. Anna does not hesitate to reach out if needed, but also has confidence in the ability to handle most chats from start to finish. She is always a pleasure to have on shifts.

We could not be happier to have Elisabeth and Anna be our volunteers of the month of March. Thank you for your continuous support to people in crisis.

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