Letters From Alex

Dear You

Right now the world is upside down. Or at least it can feel like it. Depending on where you are, your daily life might be affected, you may be in quarantine, your city or country may be on lockdown.

It may feel like you can’t escape bad news and you are in constant worry about what is going to happen next, whether your loved ones are going to be safe and how long this will go on. You aren’t alone with those feelings. Trust me, I have them too.

So when I feel overwhelmed I try to remind myself of what the things that help me refocus, like exercising or wading through my Spotify account for hours trying to find new music that I like. I allow myself to feel whatever I need to feel. And then I get back up.

Reach out to the people closest to you. Yes social distancing is making it hard to sit on your best friends couch, eating tons of ice-cream to cope but we are lucky because technology is so advanced that it can feel like your best friend is right on that couch with you. And if you feel that you can’t reach out to the people close to you, remember that there is always me.

I just have one favor to ask of you right now. While you are worrying about yourself and your loved ones, worry about everyone else too and be kind to them. We are fighting the same battle right now.




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