Volunteers of the Month

Jenni Johns
Jenni from Virginia

Jenni joined IMAlive in the fall of 2018 because as she put it ” I have unending love and patience, and I care to give to others, wanting to be a voice of love” and ever since she continuously amazes us with her devotion and empathy. She feels for every PIC, looks for the best way to help them, and doesn’t give up on them. She goes above and beyond and it makes us want to be better responders just by being around her.

Celia GentleCelia from British Columbia

Random Acts sponsored Celia’s training, who became a certified responder around Christmas in 2017, wanting to be part of a change that makes this world a more understanding place. Celia puts 110% into every shift, with an open, non judgemental attitude that really translates across every chat. Her interactions with a person in crisis always show a sense of calm and empathy while continuously trying to expand and improve on her skills.

Congratulations Jenni & Celia. We could not be happier to have you two be our volunteers of the month of March and are even happier to celebrate the two of you during volunteer appreciation week.

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