Alex changed my Life

Dear Alex

I wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you. Without even meaning to you changed my life……

In 2017 I came across IMAlive because a great friend told me about it, there was something about it that struck a chord with me instantly, I wanted to know more. So, I did a little online research. The more I learnt the most I wanted to be part of it, I couldn’t really explain why, I am not sure I could even explain why now but it felt like something I had to do but I will be forever grateful I did.

Things moved quickly from there before long I was doing my training to be a certified volunteer, this felt so scary at the time, next the first live shift, this meant I was officially ALEX, this was so nerve wrecking could I even do this? Before I knew it, I had volunteered 200 hours of my time. Being Alex had taught me more about myself and about other people within 12 months than I honestly believe I had learnt in 34 years. I saw a different side to people, a more honest, open, compassionate, scared, loveable, frightening, raw and relatable version. Not only did I feel like I understood other people more I felt like I understood myself more.

The greatest surprise to me was being asked to be a Supervisor at IMAlive, being Alex was hard enough, how could I possible help others be Alex. I don’t know why I questioned it though, the amazing family that is IMAlive showed me how, they trained me, coached me, supported me and continue to help me grow and try to be the best Alex I can be, even after 500+ hours. I will be forever grateful to IMAlive and to every single Alex that exists around the world and may there be many many more to come.

All my love

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