Thank You, Family.

Today is my eighteenth day* of quarantine. This virus has turned everyone’s lives upside down. It has taken people away from us, it has stopped us from doing things we love. I am so happy I can say that one thing it didn’t take away from me is TV series and volunteering. For me these two are very much related. I was recently a guest on a podcast that spoke about fandom. One of the things I talked about, was how much I owe to the fandoms I’m part of, because they have made me want to be a better person and give back to my community, to people.

IMALIVE is one of the things that I can still do and be a part of that makes me feel good and productive during these days that it’s expected to do nothing.
I’m still new I’m always learning but there hasn’t been another family / community that has accepted me and supported me as quickly as this one. I am thankful for every pointer every comment every word. I’ve made friends all over the world. Friends that love to help other friends or strangers. Friends that want to help everyone. Friends that help me.

Thank you IMALIVE family.

Become part of the IMALIVE. Apply and become a volunteer.


*This blog was written a month prior to being posted.

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