Love Letter to Mothers

My mother is kind, she is selfless, she is supportive, she is a fighter, she is an advocate for the people she loves. My mother is adventurous, she is curious and unafraid. Growing up I always said I didn’t want to be like my mother because I couldn’t appreciate these traits in her. But being grown up and having my mother as one of my closest friends and confidants, I suddenly see her in a completely different light, seeing the sacrifices she has made for my happiness, the tireless efforts to put me and my brother first, often at her own expense.

My mother and are very different. We have polar opposite views on how we want to live life and what we want to get out of it. Yet, the greatest joys for me lie in the moments when I say something my mother would say or when I make a gesture that my mom makes. Because in the end I will be happy if I am just a fraction of the person that my mother is and if someone will use just a few of those adjectives to describe me that I use to describe my mother.

Funny enough, while I don’t have children, many of my friends do. And while I can’t speak about how it feels to be raised by them, I see the the qualities I see in my own mother in my friends who are mothers.. They amaze me. Their strength to put little humans before themselves, putting their own dreams on hold to help their children realize their own. They are patient, they are supportive, they are loving, they appreciate the small moments and small steps, they are cheerleaders and they seem to have endless energy.

I don’t know what kind of relationship you have to your mother, you the one reading this. I’m sorry if your mother is not the person to you that my mother is to me or the mothers I see my friends be. But I truly believe that every mother is doing or did the best they could for their children, whatever that may look like to them or you.

To all of you mothers, you are incredible. You are the people that give us life and but even more so keeping us alive, you shape us into who we are, loving and supporting us and saving us from ourselves sometimes.

Thank you.

*If you are struggling today, remember that we are always here to chat, anonymously and confidentially. Just click here.

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