Letter from Alex

Dear You

The bravery I see in you.

The fact that you have the courage to leave your heavy burden for a few moments to me. I hope you know that I am taking a really good care of it.

Sometimes things get hard. It’s when you told me that what happened to you or that you can’t find any reason to live.

Some of those times I let out a tear or two before I answer.

Mainly because you trusted me with your most difficult truth and I can only imagine how tough this must be for you.

I always appreciate these moments, because they remind me the wide range of emotions that our human nature can offer. Human nature can sometimes be kind and other times can be so brutal. Yet being able to experience all those feelings and sensations, it’s one of the greatest reminders that we’re still alive.

And I’m thankful for this reminder I get every time I start a chat with you.


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