Volunteers of the Month – April

Jessica McClelland

Jessica from Alberta

Jessica joined IMAlive through a Random Acts sponsorship and became a certified volunteer in the fall of 2017. Ever since Jessica shows dedication and commitment. She has grown a lot in her role as responder ever since. She has embraced the crisis intervention model and her compassion is visible through her interactions. She never hesitates to reach out for help and always wants to learn more in order to help the people she interacts with in the best possible way.


imageSara from Alberta

Sara was sponsored by Random Acts and became a certified IMAlive crisis responder in the beginning of 2018. She always shows up for the people in crisis with her whole heart – it doesn’t matter how much it might take out of her she will show up & give it all she has. She is also very open to supervisor advise, learning & implementing new ways of connecting with PIC. She is such a joy to have on shift but also to watch how she is blossoming into an incredible empathetic responder.

Congratulations to Sara and Jessica. We could not be happier for you two to be our volunteers of the month of April.

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