Dear Supervisor

Dear Supervisor

As with so many people insecurities can eat me up on the inside. My insecurities are often connected to not being heard or not being listened to. So, I will always do whatever I can to listen.

On some chats things can get really hard. When we are doing all we can and the person on the other side decides to follow their own path, we have to let it go. 

That letting go part is the hard for me. While I do try, I don’t always succeed. Work in progress, I guess. 

One of those chats came and I was so lucky to have my supervisor. Just by being there next to me: giving support, sharing worries, showing calmness and keeping a positive attitude. After the chat the supervisor gave me much needed breathing room and later checked in on how I was doing. Using humor and feedback to get me back on my feet. 

The ability to reach out was there and I used it to ask for things to improve and to share my doubts on my listening. A heartfelt response came quickly and swept the doubt away. The support I felt was genuine and powerful.

So I am beyond grateful for my supervisors who are there for us and for our people in crisis.


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