I Stayed On

I wanted to start volunteering with IMAlive because it felt like everything in my life came together to point me towards that exact moment in time. 

But thinking about doing chats and doing the actual training was something else entirely. I was uncertain and nervous and so afraid of not being liked or that I would screw everything up.

The fact that I’m not a native English speaker made me worry that I would somehow lose my ability to write or read English.

The training was confronting and asking a lot of self-reflection from me. I struggled through all my insecurities and thought a lot of times: “how badly do you want to do this?” The answer became stronger every day: “really badly”.

So I stayed on. I persevered. I slowly started to believe I could really do this. That’s when the energy started flowing.

The change came from the people I met here, my amazing supervisors, and my fellow volunteers. Different people from all around the globe with one goal, which was just mind blowing.

And they kept telling me what I did right and then what I could do to improve myself.

For me it was the first time I could see past my failures and realize they were not important. Life is about hanging on, getting up again when you fall down. It’s about being there, trying your best and maybe seeing where you are going. But most of all it’s about being there.

So, whatever life brings you, we are right here!

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