Dear Supervisor

Dear Supervisor

Although every one of you is special to me in their own way, sometimes there is that one of you who says something that resonates so long after. You earn this limelight.

Listening to stories of people in crisis is hard work, it is tough.  And it is also wonderful to be able to make a connection, listen and maybe find that glimmer of hope.

We get asked regularly if we are robots at IMAlive.

Early on in my IMAlive time there was a person in crisis who came to our chat and asked this question. It stopped me dead. As I didn’t know what to do, you made a lighthearted joke about me being a robot. It put all things in perspective again. I never forgot that moment as it lifted me up from not knowing how to go on to getting back on track.

Nowadays, that exact memory makes me smile every time someone asks us if we are robots.


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