Volunteers of the Month – May

Siddiqah Mohammed

Siddiqah M. from Trinidad & Tobago

Siddiqah joined IMAlive in December 2018. With her calmness and grace in handling even the hardest of chats, she blows supervisors away. She has strong skills and is remarkable when using them, building real trust and connection with every PIC she chats with. When Siddiqah started at IMAlive she said that she would like to help others through their difficult times as someone once did for her. And she is there, all the way, to anyone that comes through our virtual doors.

Henry Jones

Henry J. from Massachusetts

Henry started at IMAlive in June 2016, and hoped to do his part in making the world a bit of a better place. It is only fair to acknowledge that he has accomplished that every step of the way. He has such a great natural style and has a way to engage and create rapport with persons in crisis, of all types. He is compassionate, knows when to take a step back,  and works in creating a safety net for our chatters in both the short and long term.

For those and many more, we are incredibly happy to congratulate Siddiqah and Henry as our volunteers of the month of May.

Thank you for your continuous support to people in crisis.

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