Let’s Keep Loving Harder

The world has been awash with rainbows as we’ve all come together to
celebrate Pride Month. Seeing happy faces, outpourings of love, the
faces of people who’ve fought for their acceptance and equality, is
always inspiring and so uplifting.

As June draws to a close, let’s all try to make sure that Pride Month
feeling stays with us. Our children are increasingly encouraged to
love loud, fiercely and to fight for whatever version of themselves
they know is true; the world is evolving and LGBTQ+ rights are
changing all the time, but the truth is, the fight isn’t over.  This
is not to say it is doom and gloom, huge strides have been made, but
we must all look to our neighbours, children, friends and colleagues
and stand together far beyond the Pride celebrations to ensure our
shared sense of liberty, acceptance and equality endures.

The stats in this equality survey highlight the reality, which is that
LGBTQ+ rights and understanding are not yet commonplace. At IMAlive we
speak to people in all walks of life facing crises of varying degrees
and natures, but a common thread in human interaction is an innate
desire to feel heard, accepted and loved. We all crave the same things
and to see that the world remains so widely off the mark in terms of
recognising so many people and who they love, how they love and who
they are is a hard read for any empath.

We’re not going to give up encouraging people to reach out to us, and
you shouldn’t either. Build up the people in your life, if they’ve
been rejected or neglected, stand with them, be with them, be their
voice if they don’t feel theirs is strong enough, because LOVE IS
LOUDER and we hope to feel how we do now for the rest of the year and

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