Volunteers of the Month – June

_Cas Wanden

Cas W. from Canada
Cas joined IMAlive in February of 2018 with a goal to “improve the ability to help those around me,” seeking additional tools and training to further expand a “conscious decision to choose empathy” toward others whenever encountering their issues. Since that time, armed with an innate empathy and an arsenal of active listening skills developed through IMAlive’s training program and further advanced with ongoing feedback and experience, Cas patiently puts in the effort shift after shift as a crisis intervention specialist to do precisely that! Supervisors say Cas consistently demonstrates a deep commitment to getting chatters through their crisis, doing so by listening to understand, extending chatters empathy and calmness, nurturing a chat environment free of judgment, and striving to hear out a person with the utmost respect in order to formulate responses both thoughtful and meaningful so that a person facing a crisis feels less alone and supported as they explore options to safely navigate through their struggle. Congratulations, Cas – IMAlive and our chatters thank you for choosing empathy!


_Lisa Knape

Lisa S. from Germany
Lisa’s volunteer service with IMAlive began in November of 2019 when she expressed a desire to play a part “to help people find another way to live and deal with their problems,” knowing that “even a few positive words in the right moment can do a lot.” Toward this empathetic purpose, finely tuned active listening skills and insightful attention to all aspects shared about a chatter’s situation – from start to finish of a chat – aid her as she empowers chatters to plan for their safety and objectively see and embrace those spaces in their lives where hope endures. She brings to each chat a boundless warmth and enthusiasm, and an openness to advice and feedback to build upon her skills to better help all those with whom she chats. In particular, Lisa’s supervisors note a perpetually positive attitude and patient demeanor as a shift partner, and how gracefully she handles even the emotionally tough chats and is always prepared to assist the next chatter in need. A joy when she joins a shift crew – whether for a typical shift or to advance the training of others – we congratulate Lisa on this well-deserved recognition!


 We are very proud of you both, congratulations!

Your IMAlive family

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