International Self-Care Day 2020

Before COVID-19, many of us watching TV, going to a shopping center, or scrolling through social media were often bombarded with invitations to buy things or pay for certain services in the name of “self-care”. While some of those products and services successfully connected with people whose lives were improved as a result of the purchases, after the stay-at-home orders started taking place around the world, many of us realized that the concept of self-care may not be that complex, after all, and doesn’t require expensive purchases.

Self-care can be as simple as listening to your body and checking in with yourself. If or when a moment comes that makes you realize – uh-oh, something is out of balance, I’m not feeling so good anymore – reminding yourself that it’s time to pay closer attention to your feelings, thoughts and overall state of being can be the basic self-care step that makes a difference between being able to overcome challenging situations or becoming stuck in a cycle of rumination and negativity that didn’t exist prior to that moment.

We asked our volunteers from around the world to share where they currently live and their self-care ideas. Check it out!  

Wiltshire, England
Making sure I have time for friends, and family. Books are my escape and also discovering new TV series and re-watching old ones.

Kentucky, USA
Reading, gardening, and a mindful cup of tea.

The one thing that always works for me is just picking up a book and starting to read. Sometimes I’ll also watch a TV show or write if I’m in the mood for it. Basically, I just love to lose myself in another world.

Minnesota, USA
I am a full-time student and have a full-time job, so self care is very important to me. I start every day with one hour of yoga or meditation, and end each day either with my family, or watching one of my favorite movies (lately I’ve been watching a LOT of Hamilton). I feel that intentionally making this time for myself has made me so much happier! 

British Columbia, Canada
I like having a cup of tea (weather dependent) Laying on the floor listening to music I really like has always been a fav.

North Queensland, Australia
Gratitude helps me stay positive when I’ve had a tough day, specifically listing 3 things that I’m thankful for from that day helps shift my mindset. Then watching Netflix is a great way to unwind.

Washington, USA
Proper nourishment, staying hydrated and getting enough rest are all part of self care! Give your self permission to do something good for yourself.

Newcastle, Australia
When trying to de-stress I enjoy a short walk, long bath and a good sleep. Taking care to recharge makes problems feel more manageable and helps me prepare for a new day.

Colorado, USA
Getting 8 hours of sleep, every night I’m able to, because I know that I function much better if I’m rested.

Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany
I like listening to music or watching one of my favourite TV shows. Creative things like drawing, knitting or writing also helps me to focus on something nice when I’m in a weird head space. I also find it very calming to spend time with my pets (cats and chickens) as a form of self care.

Indiana, USA
Self-care for me includes working on my novel (could be any other long-term project) and taking this time to try out new products for my hair and face since I’m stuck at home all the time.

Ontario, Canada
I go to the dock near my home and do some meditation Kata in the mornings when I can. Then I take a lovely stroll around my village.

New Jersey, USA
I started to redecorate my living room with the seasons and times of the year with matching twinkle lights, to be able to be comforted by the things we can count on: good summer nights, warm spring mornings, windy fall afternoons, the first crunch of the snow underfoot. In a world focused on big moments and constant change, it always falls back to the minutiae.

North Queensland, Australia
I like the peace and quiet of writing to penpals. Having to think of things to tell them makes me mindful of my life and what’s really happening. It also gives me time for a coffee. 

Pennsylvania, USA
I like to make it cold in my apartment, especially during the summer… and grab a blanket and a book. I never have the time to read, so when I’m feeling overwhelmed I find the thing that brings me most peace and a way to escape in a way. 

British Columbia, Canada
 I like to get lost in crochet – diverting all focus onto the pattern and counting stitches. And at the end you have a marvelous piece of work!

California, USA
Self-awareness, self-acceptance and finally, compassion towards myself. Pausing to analyze the situation vs my reaction to the situation, and then taking a few minutes, hours, or, if necessary, days off to disconnect my reaction to an event from who I am as a person.

Melbourne, Australia
Writing is my go to if I’m having a really difficult time, but usually self-care is going for a walk (preferably with a friend), having a hot bath, reading a good book or watching a favourite show.

New York, USA
On clear quiet nights, I grab a cozy blanket and spend a while star gazing; hunting for shooting stars and noting familiar constellations in their steady march across the sky as the hours grow late, it’s hard to imagine any personal stress or problem as too big to overcome when confronted with the vast wonder of the universe stretching out above.

International Self-Care Day is a reminder to pay attention to how you feel and to replenish your emotional and physical energy before it runs out, as well as to make restoration and rejuvenation a part of your daily routine.

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