Inside the Life of a Volunteer

Tonya from USA

A lot of people ask for information about us; it makes me think you’d like something to relate to but in chats, we can’t reveal personal information about us. So here’s a little on one of the many “Alex’s” who take your chats- I love photography, especially photographing toddlers. Nothing gets those good feelings flowing like making a little one laugh…it’s just so innocent! Another fun fact is I have five animals in my house for a person who never even pictured myself as having any; one dog, one cat, two rabbits, and a fish. That combined with my own family can lead to a busy house 🙂 

I think we all search for something meaningful to do with our lives, whatever “meaningful” means to us as individuals. For me, it meant mental health and I knew I wanted to do something careerwise in that field. I found IMAlive thanks to Misha and Random Acts (who sponsored my training) and I figured it’d be a good experience for my future goals. The thing is though, you don’t step into something like this and come out the same person…so what first began as something intended to aid in future goals, quickly turned into something that expanded my understanding that led to a passion and a feeling of home. The longer you volunteer/work in a field such as this, the more you learn about yourself and grow. I learned, among other things, that knowledge and compassion for the self is the key to healing in your struggles. This can vary, of course, but this is what I found true for me. 

Your stories help us just as much as we help you. 

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