Volunteer of The Month – July

Erin S. from Indiana

Erin became part of the IMAlive family in September of 2019; she joined us from another well-known fandom family – the Supernatural family – saying, “My work with Always Keep Fighting has inspired me to take it a step further and help people in a more official capacity.” In addition to crisis response skills embraced in training and enhanced in practice, Erin also brings to her chats a deep empathy of having experienced crisis before with a willingness to listen and understand and aid the chatter in overcoming their own unique crisis. On shift, Erin’s supervisors say she excels at incorporating the fundamentals of HEART in every chat while leaving no stone unturned to successfully work with a chatter to secure their safety. Even in the most challenging circumstances, they note a relaxed yet professional approach that puts chatters at ease – a delight for chatters and supervisors alike to have on their support team. Often the first to offer to stay late, pick up empty shifts, and do double shifts just to help more people in crisis, Erin is always willing to go the extra mile to aid her chatters in finding a way to always keep fighting. Thank you, Erin, for being an amazing member of the IMAlive family!

Shelby B. from Arizona

helby began assisting persons in crisis at IMAlive in October of 2019; although, according to her supervisors, “assisting” may be too feeble a word to describe the drive and motivation she brings to every shift and each and every chat. Shelby understands what in means to be in crisis, having “experienced enough highs and lows in my life to engineer a rollercoaster;” finding methods to cope, she strives to help those in crisis, those considering suicide, to, “…put some safety belts on their own” when the rollercoaster ride of life gets rocky. Supervisors say Shelby’s desire to do good – from being the first to check in for shift, the first to begin taking chats, and the last to leave – is equal only to her quest to improve her skills – always seeking input to do better and continually incorporating that input as she evolves into the best responder she can be. Forward and direct in her style, Shelby’s fearless approach in tackling a chatter’s crisis head on proves time and again to be a source of comfort and safety for them in a situation where perhaps others in their life have not been so accepting, and even dismissive, of the reality of their struggle. Never downplaying the importance of a chatter’s personal experience, Shelby draws from a deep pool of empathy to pour a great deal of herself into each of her chats; doing so allows her chatters to feel understood, cared for, and heard in a way that helps them find the resources to get safely through crisis. We congratulate you Shelby, and thank you for your stellar service to our chatters!

We are very proud of you both, congratulations!

Your IMAlive family

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